After his breakout indie comic Malevolents launched back in 2015, T.W. Burgess quickly garnered attention from some of the leading names in horror. His subsequent titles gained accolades from the likes of David Sandberg (Annabelle), Andy Nyman (Ghost Stories) and forewords from the likes of Corin Hardy, Reece Shearsmith and international horror manga artist Junji Ito. Thom’s work has also been featured alongside the likes of Alan Moore, Mike Mignola, Junji Ito, Robert Kirkman and Todd Macfarlane in the publication ‘Blood in Four Colours’. Alongside which, Rue Morgue voted Burgess’s follow up graphic novel ‘The Eyrie’ as graphic novel of 2017. Subsequently Burgess has maintained a high profile within the comics medium, publishing Hallows Fell, Photoghasts and Nyctophobias in which T.W.’s ghost stories were illustrated by talents such as Pam Smy, Abigail Larson and Trevor Henderson with all profits donated to the Australia Zoo foundation. In 2020 amidst the worldwide pandemic, T.W. launched a Kickstarter for a graphic novel anthology ‘Early Haunts’. The campaign quickly gathered momentum eventually gaining 799 backers and raising £25,900. Early Haunts now remains one of the most successful horror anthologies funded on the Kickstarter platform. Alongside this Burgess worked with independent games company Teebowah producing ‘Pylons - An Education Game.’ The game proved a hit raising over 100k views in play through videos soon after its launch. T.W. is currently developing a new horror title with a video game developer and working on a full length supernatural action comic series.

"Thom has earned his dance among the ghosts. He stepped onto the floor with Malevolents, and the creative choreography within The Eyrie’s pages will pull you in just long enough to stop your heart”



As playful as it is haunting, PYLONS delivers one of the most potent indie horror experiences to be had this year, masterfully warping the seemingly mundane into a surreal cautionary tale.
5/5 : Rue Morgue Magazine 


Early Haunts is a great idea, expertly achieved, and proves yet again that T.W. Burgess is an accomplished author of fantastically creepy ghost stories.


This is one horror comic we think our readers will love, and the nasty twist ending will certainly haunt your nightmares.
Dread Central


Nyctophobias is a solid horror anthology through and through. Burgess is a rising star in the horror comics world and this book is further proof of that.

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