After his breakout indie comic Malevolents launched back in 2015, T.W. Burgess quickly garnered attention from the likes of David Sandberg (Annabelle), Andy Nyman (Ghost Stories) and forewords from the likes of Corin Hardy, Reece Shearsmith and international horror manga artist Junji Ito. Burgess has maintained a high profile within the comics medium, publishing Hallows Fell, Photoghasts and Nyctophobias in which his ghost stories were illustrated by talents such as Pam Smy, Abigail Larson and Trevor Henderson with all profits do­nated to the Australia Zoo foundation.

In 2020 amidst the worldwide pandemic, T.W. launched a Kickstarter for a graphic novel anthology ‘Early Haunts’. The campaign quickly gathered momentum eventually gaining 799 backers and raising £25,900.

Early Haunts now remains one of the most successful horror anthologies funded on the Kickstarter platform.

Early Haunts

Kickstarter’s most successful ghost story graphic novel anthology

Launched during 2020, Early Haunts compiled four forgotten tales of terror lifted from early folktales & ghost stories which inspired some of literature’s famous horrors. Incorporating augmented reality to help bring these tales of terror to life.


” Early Haunts is a great idea, expertly achieved, and proves yet again that T.W. Burgess is an accomplished author of fantastically creepy ghost stories.”

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A young man attempts to survive The Gallowing, the deadly initiation into the secret Guild of Ghosters, five families of Malevolent hunters that have protected Britain from evil spirits for centuries.


Dark things which won’t stay dead, lurking in shadowy corners, forgotten buildings or sometimes just the corner of your eye. Based on real events, Nyctophobias offers twenty tales of the dark accompanied by the artwork of twenty acclaimed artists.


Strange figures haunt forgotten paths, tall women roam empty train platforms and dark things lurk in old castle ruins. These are the Photoghasts. Restless spirits who, even in photographic form, just won’t stay still. Each with an accompanying short-form ghost story.

MALEVOENTS : Click Click

Four schoolfriends are dared to spend the night in London’s most haunted house. Whilst doing so they recount the tale of the last boy to do so and the mystery surrounding his ‘disappearance’.


From the writer of Malevolents ‘Click Click’ and illustrated by the talents of Barney Bodoano comes a whole new supernatural tale of terror on Britain’s remote south coast.

‘After accepting a last minute job request from an old client, American photographer, Rebecca finds herself alone in one of the most remote parts of Britain’s South Coast.


If in October you do marry, love will come but riches tarry – In the depths of the English countryside, businessman Simon, is eager to get home and celebrate his house warming with his fiance. Unfortunately
something else in the ancient woodland is hungry for Simon’s attention.


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