Whilst I’ve been busy at work prepping the upcoming stretch goal comic, I had an opportunity to collaborate with acclaimed writer Roger Clarke and Early Haunts illustrator Mike O’Brien on a webcomic short ghost story based on the legendary electronic artist Gary Numan.

You might not know this, but a ghost Gary saw back in the ’70’s left a lasting impression on the musician and his music. So seeing as it’s Gary Numan’s birthday this week we thought it was a good excuse to share the story with everyone.  Mike’s done a great job with the artwork. The lettering was also good fun and it was enjoyable creating something unique and ‘ghostly’ to fit with the flow.

The four page comic is available free over on Twitter and Instagram.  So feel free to share / regram to your hearts’ content. It might make you think twice of walking through London Tube stations.

Read  It’s Cold Outside.  

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