A hugely busy few weeks getting some new projects underway, however it also seemed a good time to upload a few illustrations from a recent project that myself and writer Roger Clarke have been working on based around arguably one of the most haunted houses in England – Hinton Ampner. To readers of Roger’s book ‘A Natural History of Ghosts’ the name Hinton Ampner will be synonymous with ‘The Turn of the Screw’ and the novels inception. For a very good reason. (You’ll just have to wait to find those out.)

This story has always enthralled me ever since I first read Harry Price’s ‘Poltergeist over England’ and Lord Halifax’s ‘Ghost Book’ back when I was probably too young to be reading stuff like that. So it’s been a pleasure to work with Roger in adapting what has to be one of the most phenomenal ghost stories ever recorded to a graphic novel form.

Illustrator Rowan McColl has done a fantastic job with the tone and feel of the piece and we’re hopeful to be able to find a publisher who can help us bring it to life. For now here’s a glimpse…I’ll be leaking further information on my Patreon over at