Hello! After what seems like months it’s good to finally get the blog up and online. I’m going to do my best to keep it updated but here’s a quick update on mine and my Ghoster project partner filmmaker Toby Meakins project The Argent which we launched over the Christmas period.

In the tradition of ghost stories during Yuletide (notably on Christmas Eve – something which I’ve long felt is sadly neglected these days) myself and Toby launched our short Ghoster story ‘The Argent’ a ghost story comic set in 18th century Massachusetts, USA, with artwork by the phenomenal talent of Early Haunts illustrator David Romero.

This is a sample of what we’ve been working on within the Ghoster universe during 2020 . It’s fair to say myself and Toby are very excited to be able to finally offer a first taste of what’s to come within the world of Malevolent hunting working. The Argent has now racked up a considerable amount of attention and it’s wonderful to hear people still discovering our story.

If you haven’t as yet, then you can do so below.

Remember, Hold fast, these are haunted woods

Read ‘The Argent’ :

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